Local doctor shares his help and hope

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As featured in the Caloundra Weekly - 8 Nov 2006.

Local doctor shares his help and hope

Dr John faces up to the forgotten human tragedy of Uganda

Life on the Sunshine Coast has never been sunnier for Golden Beach general practitioner, Dr John Parker, who has just returned from Uganda in Africa. Dr Parker ran a medical clinic in a refugee camp in the far north of the country where the local population of over a million people have ben terrorised by a rebelarmy for over 20 years.

"Everyone lives in fear of the Lord's Resistance Army. They have killed indiscriminately, raped the women and abducted children,forcing them to fight in the army," Dr Parker said cialis commercial.

"It is one of the forgotten human tragedies suffering in the shadow of the Iraq and Fagan wars."

Dr Parker, working for the Nobel Peace Prize winning humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders was in charge of a medical clinic in Patonga, a camp of 40,000 people.